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Antique Brass Victorian Necklace


This necklace resembles the one the Duke of St. Albans gave his wife Lady Catherine to express his deep love for her.

Within the sparkling Swarovski® crystals of this necklace, coral-tone cabochons nestle romantically.  

The large singular focal rose was to signify his devotion solely to her. The peach cat eye’s stone below the rose is known as a future predicting stone.

The deep coral Lady cameo signifies Lady Catherine’s elegance and beauty.



Every piece comes beautifully gift boxed!

Antique brass Victorian necklace



❃ Gemstones: Genuine Swarovski®  Smoked Topaz and Padparadscha crystals.

❃ Gorgeous pink resin flower cameo, deep coral Lady cameo, and coral-tone cabochons.  

❃ Peach cat’s eye stone.

❃ Metals: Antiqued brass metals will not tarnish and never need to be polished.

❃ Closure: Lobster clasp

❃ Unique antiqued brass chain.


100% handmade in the USA, this is a Rachel Flam Design original. 

Utterly unique – you won’t find a piece like this in any of the big box stores.

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