Why I Design Jewelry for You

How Rachel Flam Design became a reality

I’m delighted that women who wear an original Rachel Flam Design know they’re getting unique jewelry pieces that are worthy of their extraordinary, romantic, nostalgic soul.
Rachel Flam
Rachel Flam Design – Owner/Creator/Designer

My jewelry journey began in my late teens and early 20’s when I was having a hard time finding statement crystal jewelry that had an antiqued Old world feel.

I was passionate about Victorian style pieces and even at that young age I was an Old world soul. 

I had studied interior design and professional makeup and even within those arts I was always drawn to the historical past.

But that jewelry was too expensive for me to afford.

When I found a piece I loved, I had to spend half a month’s salary on it.

So – I decided to take my artistic capabilities and learn to make the jewelry I loved! 

And then…

After making a few pieces for myself, friends and family began asking for pieces as well. 

Slowly but surely I began getting orders from complete strangers.  I was ecstatic! 

People loved my designs and wanted more.

But then it turned out the road was a bit more difficult than I had imagined.

As I got busier with orders, I needed money to get more materials and I needed help running all aspects of the business.

I found that it’s very hard to run a business all by myself… 😐

So, I partnered up with someone who helped me build the business properly and successfully and within a year we were selling my designs to about 100 stores all over the east coast of the United States!

The love we received was incredible.

Women adored my designs and men loved buying them for their wives and girlfriends. 

And then I saw the future.

The internet had begun to take over, and the future was online. 

Selling online is a huge challenge but also a big step forward.

I am truly blessed with a community who loves my designs and can’t wait for the newest collections to be released.

My inspiration comes from the past and the elegance of the 19th century. I find the Victorian period to be enchanting, romantic, and elegant. 

I also draw great inspiration from nature and that is reflected in my creations as well, with flowers and other wonderful creatures that God has created.  

I thank God every day for blessing me with the ability to follow my passion and help other extraordinary women look beautiful each and every day.